“Life moves fast, yoga doesn’t have to”

Healing is an infinite endeavor, and I am grateful yoga is in my healing toolkit for this mission. I love sharing how empowering yoga is towards self-care. It is my heart’s happy calling to be at service to you, and I will do everything I can for you to have a great yoga experience with me.

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Marcela O’Bryon, 420 HR Certified Yoga Instructor

Class Schedule

Yoga classes have been temporarily canceled.

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Private Lessons- Coming Soon!

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Privates are an excellent choice for learning how to practice safely when healing an injury or ailment, for deepening knowledge, for building a home practice, for learning to meditate, or if you are brand new to yoga. Reiki can be incorporated into your yoga session at no extra cost.

My Yoga Classes are compliant with music licensing laws through YogItunes!

“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure, the process is its own reward.” ~Amelia Earhart

Thank you for your interest in my yoga classes!

My Gentle Yoga classes are for All Levels, shapes, and sizes. Prenatal/postnatal ladies, mature adults, beginners, people healing injuries, those in recovery- you are all lovingly welcome! Class cues can be served in Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian.

My classes incorporate my students’ appropriate needs into a compassionate, therapeutic journey following the Chakra system for a wholesome body-mind-spirit connecting experience. My tenets lie on Intention/Sankalpa, Hand Gestures/Mudras, Chant/Mantra, Breathing/Pranayama, accessible Postures/Asanas, kind adjustments, and Meditation/Dhyana, with occasional Ayurveda, Reiki, and Egyptian Qigong.

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Curriculum, Experience, & Specialty

  • 300 hours Vinyasa Yoga Certification from the Laughing Lotus School of Yoga, San Francisco, 2009 & 2010
  • 40 hours Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga Certification from Jane Austin Mama Yoga Tree, San Francisco, 2010
  • 40 hours ParaTantra Yoga Certification from Rod Stryker Yoga, San Francisco 2007
  • 40 hours Ashtanga Intensive Program from Green Path Yoga Studio, San Francisco, 2006
  • Reiki Levels I & II from Shar Joy and Mija Cameto at The Journey Center, Shingle Springs, 2019
  • Ordained Minister from The Universal Life Church Monastery, 2020.
  • BA in Economics and Latin American Studies, Grinnell College, Iowa 1996
  • Finance Degree from UC Berkeley Extension, Berkeley, 1998
  • 3 Permaculture Certifications from Gaia University 2010, Earth Activist Training 2012, and Sayulita Permaculture 2012.
  • Temazcal Intensive Healings and Workshops with Linda Mariscal in Sayulita, Mexico, 2013.
  • Italian Language Certification from Universita Italiana Per Stranieri, Perugia, 1993.

I started my yoga journey in 1999 at the Hatha Yoga Institute in San Francisco. I studied and traveled with many renowned teachers, immersing into various styles of yoga. For 16 years, I journeyed into Vinyasa, ParaTantra, Iyengar, Yin, Ashtanga/Mysore, Shambhala meditation, Prenatal/Postnatal, Power, Anusara, meditaiton for recovery with the motley crew of the Dharma Punks, Kirtan/Bhakti, Jivamukti, Shadow, and Ayurveda. I also traveled to India, where I got to bathe in the teachings of His Holiness The Dalai Lama at Auroville and where I was blessed by the radiant presence of Amma at her Ashram in Kerala. I started teaching in 2007, and I feel very fortunate to having connected this way over the years with hundreds of other fellow seekers. It humbles me, as they are my teachers in seasoning my deeper understanding for limitless empathy in our human evolution. We are so alike to each other in our sufferings, challenges, and seeds for joy. I feel so happy when my students find more ease through their own work in the yoga practice. I opened my yoga classes in 2017 in El Dorado County, after having taught for 3 years in Mexico at a healing center for addiction. My speciality lies in deeply listening to your needs and constructing mindful classes that support your intentions. Since I have been healing myself from a long list of injuries and conditions like PTSD, addiction, anxiety, and depression, I teach with a compassionate and patient attitude, honoring where we each are in every sacred moment and sharing from personal experience about how yoga stimulates our growth in all levels. Through my journey in healing with alternative tools, the results are a rich field of offerings from which I often harvest to help my students and clients as the opportunities arise. My hopes are that we will inspire one another, and that through our sharing, our larger communities and Earth will benefit greatly. Who I am today bows deeply in reverence, appreciation, and gratitude to all my teachers, students, family, ancestors, guides in my life, above all Mother Earth, for supporting my walk towards the path of beauty. We grow the power by sharing it. Beyond more words, namaste, aho mitakuye oyasin, thank you.

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“Marcela has a heartfelt & spiritual approach to yoga! Classes are truly tailored to each participant. The emphasis she places on the mind-body and spirit continuum is unique & her own style. I love the way she does her hands-on approach & adjustments.” ~Rayoung

“Marcela has a radiant presence, full of laughter, and an inviting demeanor that allowed a diverse class in age and ability to all feel at ease within their bodies and with the postures.  Marcela’s lightness, sensitivity, and connection with natural wisdom and embodiment are all present in her caring leadership.  In short, her class was delicious!” ~Ari

“Marcela leads you on a transformational yogic journey into your own body, providing a safe and magical space for healing and movement meditation.  Her patience and empathy is limitless, as is her ability to zone in on and suggest modifications to your personal practice needs.” ~Renee Rz 

“One of the best yoga instructors I’ve come upon in a long time, Marcela is an expert in leading a great sequence.  And just as important, her running commentary is insightful and one of the best ever!” ~David

“This is truly your calling my dear, and I affirm that the Universe is supporting you in making an easy way for you to use your special gifts. You are warm, and kind, and genuine, and all of us love you!” ~Tomi

“Yoga with Marcela is wonderful.  I always feel so good during and after her yoga classes. Her classes are good for the heart and good for the soul.  Indulge in her talents.  There’s a lot more shared than yoga.  She is a beautiful person.  Marcela is a rare and wonderful person and her sessions are full of love, relaxation, community, and yoga.  Give yourself a gift and attend her sessions!  They are excellent! You are a wonderful person with great talent.  People like you are sooooo needed these days and are so few.  Your love and compassion for people shines through you.” ~ Carol

“I’m so grateful that  I met you, and know that doing yoga with you has been a big part of my healing process.   Thank you for who you are, and everything you do. You are a blessing to the world!   I totally support you and your vision.  Much love.” ~ Robin

“Gosh, you are a phenomenal yoga instructor, you are super energetic, I think you are the best xoxo” ~Nancy

“Thank you Marcela!   I really enjoyed your yoga.  Just what I needed.  I look forward to next time.  I like how yoga brings clarity to my life, how I feel centered and balanced. Blessings” ~ Susie

“I have absolutely loved your classes!  I feel such a release of my anxiety and perfectionism when I’m practicing.  Thank you for being you!  See you soon, can’t wait to see you again!” Andrea

“So enjoyed your class!  I encourage everyone to come give it a try.  You won’t be disappointed.  Marcela is one of the best-  she gives all of herself, not many like her, she’s a gem!  ~LeeAn

“I’ve attended the mommy/baby classes and they’re amazing! Marcela is such a gentle, encouraging and helpful instructor. I’m so appreciative of the time to relax and reclaim my body while still having baby right next to me, (and, have even received help when baby doesn’t want to cooperate!).” ~Olivia

“Marcela contributed to our clinic in many special ways and watching her blossom in our team was amazing. We had the vision for many years of collaborating with people to create their own yoga practice so it was really incredible to see it manifesting when Marcela joined our team. Marcela created a foundation for yoga and nature connection tools that we use to this day in our clinic. She contributed by writing and activating yoga and meditation protocols that we employ in our clinic manual. She was open, receptive, and positive to feedback so that she could continue to improve in her contributions. Her hard working personality was evident in the beautiful life she created for herself in Mexico and in her ability to share that growth with others. I am grateful that she came into our lives, and I trust that she will continue to contribute her diverse skills and positivism so that others may grow. I think these new teams will be very lucky to have her.” ~Clara

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Helpful Hints

Allow yourself spacious time to check in and to land on your mat, breath, and body in a relaxed manner. Please turn off sound notifications on your cell phone. There is plenty of parking in the complex, indoor space to safely store your belongings, and a tidy bathroom for your needs. If you are on a tight schedule, please let me know so that I can assist you for a timely departure.

Wear anything that you love and makes you feel comfortable, bring an open mind, and unfurl your mat/props you love. The studio also dispenses mats, blankets, and blocks.

Ask for help, ask any questions before, during, or after class, I am here to help you.

Yoga is practiced with bare feet to awaken your receptors and sensations. Listen to YOUR body, there may be times you will want to rest when others are practicing postures. That is perfectly fine, I will offer resting poses for you. Most importantly rest when you need to and do what you can without hurting yourself. The best type of practice is that which is self-loving, honoring where we are today. Be patient with your body as it tries new ways to relate to itself. With an ongoing practice you will notice changes quickly.

For recommendations on yoga products and various insightful tools, please stop by my Resources page.

“Life is complex, yoga helps!”

My yoga students come from all walks of life. Many have helped themselves with my yoga classes in their medicine bag, many have just come to dance within their body temples just for the sake of fun and health mated as one. Many have been on a healing path with cancer, chronic pain, PTSD, addiction, depression, digestion issues, anxiety, post/pre surgery, or seeking reintegration after giving birth. My classes provide camaraderie, laughter, and support for all those who attend. My students have been as young as new borns with their moms practicing right next to them or inside their mommas bellies in my prenatal classes, and as wise and lovely as seniors in their 80’s! I always tell curious minds, if you can breathe, you can do yoga!

There are as many yogas as there are people in this world. Yoga is not just a physical practice, it is an open invitation to transforming our minds to a higher plane. And it is as mystical as you want it to be- how far you take it, is truly up to you, for the well to drink from is profoundly bottomless. Movies like Naga- The Eternal Yogi and The Architecture of Peace from Michael O’Neils photography widen our awareness of the rich, esoteric legacy of Yoga, leaving us humbled to even call ourselves yogis or yoga teachers, while simultaneously sparking our craving and curiosity to actualize ourselves further.

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This philosophical, karmic (put into action), and scientific practice is very, very ancient, some believe was a gift from other planetary beings for taking major leaps in our ascension, just like the Sanskrit language in which the yoga shastras (sacred teachings) are written and taught. Yoga is revelatory to our multi-dimensional mystique, hooking us into quiet contemplation, reverence, and wonder to where we came from, who we truly are, our life purposes, and the trailing activations of our predecessors that live in our practices today. Along with this awe is also the undeniable ache of not ever possibly in this lifetime know it all, and as some Tibetan buddhists would placidly say, “leave some of the mystery for the next lifetime to come.” For our Western, modern days and takes, yoga can simply be a sanctuary for spiritual musing, intimate exploration, and sonorous festivity of communal breathing, chanting, and moving.

To learn more about yoga’s extensive benefits please read my “Why Yoga? blog.

“My actions are my only true belonging.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh


Please consult with your medical practitioner to assure yoga is appropriate for you. At no point is yoga a replacement for your medical protocols, please be sure to continue your treatment plans as prescribed by your medical doctors. The meditations, practices, and techniques shared are not intended to be used as an alternative or substitute for professional medical treatment and care. Nothing in this work is intended as medical advice in any way. No one should add, alter, or change medication, treatment, or doctors based on anything in this work under any circumstances. Yoga does not attempt to give any medical diagnosis, treatment, prescriptions, promises of any outcome, or remedial recommendations in relation to any human disease, ailment, suffering, or physical or mental condition whatsoever. These practices are taken at the risk entirely of the student/receiver/client.