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I grew up in the Caribbean Northern coast of Honduras in the 1970’s with my mother and grandmother, who cooked from scratch traditional Honduran and Caribbean dishes, which often included seafood, coconuts, plantains, beans, tortillas, fresh vegetables and fruits, meats, and organs. My grandmother- my hero- was the matriarch that kept all the generational secrets for health and vitality. She butchered her crabs and chickens, made her own coconut milk, sewed all her six kids’ clothing, and cooked and baked everything for her household as a young widow. In sum, she was a rockstar, who made the impossible happen with ease and fervor. I often emulate her by invoking her wisdom and tenacity in my journey. Her passions seeded my love for food and pioneering with excitement at a young age.

My beautiful grandma Toya, Honduras, my first teacher

I am an avid chef at home, experimenting with my fanciful imagination, cooking nutritious, delicious, balanced, colorful, and beautifully presented meals as a form of healthy celebrations. We live in the countryside, so this is our form of comfort, pleasure, and festivity- and often times way better than going out!

Cooking foods from scratch has been one of my self-love, in-recovery healing core routines for years now that supports my ongoing goals of living in balance with healthy, organic, fresh meals that serve as medicine.

Wasabi mayo bbq pork rinds topping over baked salmon fillets rolled in chipotle nori with fiery mango salsa

Cooking vividly is my art and form of connecting with life’s wheels of time and with others I cherish. I like to be open-minded, adventurous, flexible, and non-dogmatic in my kitchen, dancing with the seasonal local offerings from nature and shapeshifting depending on who will eat with me.

I am so grateful to Paleo foods so much because I get extremely creative in mimicking traditional foods that are not available due to the nature of Paleo style. I am happily forced to become an alchemical scientist in re-creating something from scratch. With my vegetarian/vegan/raw vegan background and influences, my recipes take off into a whole other dimension of their own. I am simply a conduit of the foods that want to be birthed.

As I organize my grocery list, gardening seeds plan, and menus for the week, I focus on balance and diversity for wholesome, holistic, medicinal eating. Therefore, my recipes are not just for meat-eaters or animal based foods recipes. They offer a variety of dishes that compliment gluten-free, keto, vegetarian, or vegan diets, and most of my ingredients are suggestions and easily substitutable to your needs. One can omit, replace, or include any of my recommendations, as if my recipes were themes to party invitations, playing with this or that flavor as a guest to create a particular mood. You, as your own great composer, can then metamorphosize my ideas into your own stylish, mouth-watering, beauteous dish that will satiate you in every single inch possible, while avoiding anything that is allergic or unsuitable for you.

Fiery mango cilantro cherry tomatoes jalapeño salsa

It has been my dream to write a book ever since I was little. So I am going for it!

In my past, I have been vegetarian and vegan at times. Those experiences transformed my thinking, and to this day I carry their influences into my cooking, webbed by a cornucopia of modalities for a florid, never boring, never the same feasting. Tonics like bone broth and ghee, juicing for raw and live foods, crisp fresh salads, grounding protein meats, detoxing elixirs like matcha, immune boosting mushrooms, irresistible desserts, colorful vegetables, and flavor enhancing sauces are all part of my spells book so that assimilation of foods is unobstructed and timely. This balanced panorama puts me in cellular connection with my nutrition in a timely manner.

“The Paleo Yogini- The Middle Path & Wild Alchemy For Healthy Indulgence” is a well-fitting title to honor my yogic roots, with sacks full of fresh, live plant-based foods, yet with a nature-connecting, ancestral roots twist, in which animal-based foods, like butter, meats, organs, bone broth, and so on, are honored as sacred for soul nourishment. Eating paleo has been my middle path to everything I have explored and studied in my kitchen thus far- it suits me, my body loves it, and, thus, I follow its innate wisdom for what works for me. As a yogi, retaining flexibility is crucial so that my life is non-dogmatic towards myself and others, but rather, malleable, highly pleasurable, and smooth in responding to the seasons and my changing pace of needs and cravings.

My dream is that my recipes trigger your own creativity and imagination, as we build camaraderie for healthy living, something we so direly need in these challenging times. Whether we are in a particular diet or are healing allergies, my hope is that these alchemical cues can still serve you. And thus, I am busily building this portal full of beauty to share with you from my heart to yours, while I transcribe my handwritten recipes into my anticipated cookbook, which will be a great guide for beginning cooks and mature, wise chefs. By tuning in to our own intuition, we know what is best for our bodies, and only we can come up with that guideline. Whichever that is, I want to support you in your desires and on your healing path to attain radiant beauty through your healing foods as medicine.

Breakfast raw vegan peach cobbler with mint & coconut sauce

“The Paleo Yogini- The Middle Path & Wild Alchemy For Healthy Indulgence” will be published for purchase later on this year in print format and as a PDF e-file book. Beyond recipes, this slices of heaven treasure box will also share my life story on how cooking has helped me heal from various sabotaging conditions, as well as offering insights into building diversified paleo pantries with my favorite ingredients, useful tips, and helpful equipment. I will also dive deeper into my journey as a yogini and becoming paleo, a conundrum for the yogic vegetarian discourse of ahimsa, do no harm.

This “running with the wolves”-like wild alchemical spells book does have a mission, and that is to undomesticate our deep passions with full support and entitlement to completely indulge in all our senses, with absolute present moment conscious feasting, casting off useless guilt and self-conscious body imagery. As we let our senses and imagination run wild on our counters and with our hands, we reconnect with our paleolithic ancestry. This return is timely and ubiquitous, for we are entering the Aquarian age with its golden, higher vibratory consciousness that learns from and reveres the wise, ancient healing ways. In sum, my desire is that The Paleo Yogini will be artfully decorated by women artists, easy to carry with you, and that it serves like a journal as well, with plenty of space for you to create notes as you dialogue with it and its inspiring, positive affirmations and recipes, tweaking to your preferred flavors and welcoming all your contemplations and reflections as you travel within and with the seasons.

In the meantime, help yourself to my Free recipes on my Blog so that you can sample my heart kitchen’s sizzling and satisfying meals.

All the pictures that I present here are from my cell phone, so pretty much what you see is what you get! There are no fancy tricks and cameras used, just myself and my phone, while trying to find the right angle for good lighting for a decent picture. If you have questions about my recipes, without a doubt, reach out, as I am happy to help you so that we can celebrate your creation!

Dreaming is free- my future offerings to you:

  • “The Paleo Yogini” Cookbook for purchase in print or PDF
  • Cooking lessons at your home
  • Crafting personalized cookbooks and recipes for you or your family
  • But the dream does not stop there! My husband and I are hoping to steward a lovely piece of Mother Earth, host farm to table dinners, build an oasis yurt for reiki, juicing, and yoga, plus offering permaculture and yoga retreats, where community and laughter are the center and key to unlocking magic and the beauty path

Please comment on my recipes as I post them on my Blog, share your ideas and results, offer feedback, subscribe to my newsletters, and follow my Blog (scroll to the top right corner of this page).

Your presence means a lot to me in order to create support for this heart project. We grow the power by sharing it, and it makes me so happy to hear from you as I share these recipe downloads.

Truly this is one of my callings, and its mission is simply to create for the sake of enjoying life through the activation of my Earth mission and to create as a gift to Creation itself, while passing the recipes forward, in hopes they will serve others with pleasure and healing.

Paleo mac ‘n cheese

If we have just helped one person during our life, then we have lived a life in full.

This is what our teachers have taught us, what is healthy to our ego, and what is actually true. If we think we do not have an effect on each other or can impact change on the world, then we are forgetting to understand who we truly are. We were born now for a reason, we are the change we have been waiting for. We are children of creation’s intelligence, and in turn, we carry its blueprint of infinite potential. We are powerful beyond words, manifesting Gaia’s dream of beauty and correction towards harmony, coexistence, and celebration of who we truly are.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

~Margaret Mead
Ground meat purple cabbage rolls in marinara sauce on a raw spinach bed

Through creativity we transcend daily, monotonous eating into feasting like queens and kings! Namaste, happy feasting, buen provechito!

I called on Marcela’s services because I was stuck in a food runt.  I have Chronic Lyme disease, and with that, comes a limited food menu and often times a very tired imagination.  I needed help with creativity and how to prepare my food options – If I ate one more bowl of soup I think I might have exploded!  Marcela listened to my needs and met every one of them more than I thought possible.  Her recipes were delicious, but most importantly easy to make for someone with fatigue.  She came from the heart, a beacon of light, and so full of love. I have known Marcela for many years, and her dedication to growth, to learning, her humbleness, her heart, and her beauty are so inspiring.  Thank you, sister, for giving me the permission to enjoy making my food with creativity and love!”

Forest, Seattle

I have known Marcela since 2008, and I have seen her transform into a strong, wise woman. Marcela immigrated to this country on her own at the age of 18, and has supported herself through a variety of professional positions. She has worked hard with us on a series of public events we host at retreat centers. She brings passion and careful attention to detail to her work and her living environments. Marcela earned her US citizenship and recently worked for three years in Mexico at an addiction recovery center. When she returned to California, she brought her rescue dog, Pixie, who she found on the streets of Mexico malnourished and abused. Marcela cares responsibly for this animal and brings her talents as a healer and kind and courageous spirit to everything she does.   Marcela is continuing her work as a food activist and building a business as a yoga teacher, healer, and nature educator. She has worked with me catering dinners in my home, and I have full faith that she will fulfill her goals with a graceful and artistic vision. I highly recommend Marcela as an honest human being. I trust that she will be a positive addition to anything that she commits to. She has my support for these efforts.”


In this collage clockwise: extremely chocolate yam and carrot flour baked donuts, coconut matcha creme cake, goji berry raw vegan pie, moist fruit muffins, cassava tortillas enchiladas.

The Paleo Yogini- where healthy, decadent, and delicious merge as one!”

The Paleo Yogini recipes!

Inspiring Food Movies

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