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I Am Purifying- Fruit Veggie Juicing Elixirs

If you drink enough juice, it tastes like Love!”

Carrot Lime Beet Juice!

Healthy living is a lifestyle that places our moment to moment choices into a mindfulness practice. Juice and smoothy bars are sprouting globally, especially in urban areas, where they’re highly needed to balance fast paced living. These non-alcoholic places strongly emphasize on health-focused ingredients.

Many of us are choosing to limit our consumption of traditional alcohol by opting for nutrient-rich drinks that will amplify our presence, no guilt, no hangover, no “what’s next?” These drinks are great for everyone, but if you are in recovery, they are life saving. Sip, close your eyes, and actually feel how cellularly you feel happy from the big flush of real goodness into your bloodstream. Way better than anything else, this is mother Earth’s liquid light of love!

Great news- juicing can easily be done at home, for less cost, more fresh, and organic. Yes, it can be a little messy, but overall it is worth every drop and the remains are great for compost, chicken feed, or reusing in raw vegan dehydrator recipes, or for baking! Check out my creative baking recipe, I am Genius- Juicing Pulp Almond Chocolate Torte Recipe! It uses carrot pulp collected from juicing for a delicious, healthy treat!

I am Genius- Juicing Pulp Almond Chocolate Torte Recipe!

Juicing also extracts more fresh nutrients than vitamins in a bottle, and it’s delicious!

Champion works great for us, even if it is an older version. You can also look for them used and save extra money!

Our Older Model Champion Juicer

You can basically make your own recipe impromptu by opening your fridge or, even better, by harvesting from your garden. As the weather warms up, this is my go-to mid-day snack, treat, or elixir in between meals. Just be sure to always clean your fruits and veggies really well before juicing to assure supreme cleanliness and avoidance of bacteria! And, as always, organic is best!

Based on your health, dietary, and medical protocols and conditions, choose what is best for you and the combination you most love. I also think starting small, baby steps is a great idea, especially if you are new to juicing, to learn what you love, and what is best for your digestion.

It is really hard to mess up making juice because, worst case scenario, you can distill the juice with a little honey, sparkling water, lemon juice, or ice. I really enjoy it with limes, lemons, and grapefruit, and I do not peel them to avoid the hassle and because I feel I will extract more nutrients this way. I love how citrus also balances leafy greens so that they break down more easily and are less bitter. I usually also toss in a couple of tablespoons of liquid colloidal minerals to enhance my juice (read the label of your minerals for your precise serving size). Above all, have fun, let yourself be creative! Stop by Dr. Mercola’s juicing page to learn more about juicing benefits and guidelines from a doctor/MD who loves and supports organic!

1 Quart, 2 servings


  • 2 pounds of carrots
  • 1 beet 9 oz in weight
  • 1 apple 9 oz in weight
  • raw ginger root 0.3 oz in weight
  • 1 lime
  • 2 Tbsp colloidal minerals, optional

I use an Amazon-purchased scale to be very accurate


  1. Gather all your veggies and fruits, clean them well, cut off the ends or any parts that are not as fresh or vibrant, de-core / de-seed the apple if you wish, and peel your lime if you prefer. I often do not peel all my citrus, sometimes leaving a couple or so citrus fruits unpeeled. However, that will change the flavor, and for some people it may be too nauseating! Read more about the benefits of citrus peels by clicking here.
  2. Press the goodies through your juicer, then pour in a quart mason jar, add your colloidal minerals, close off your jar, shake it, and pour with gratitude to enjoy. It is recommended and best to drink your juice right away since it is perishable. You will also get the best it has to offer.
  3. I love drinking my juice barefoot on the grass, under the sun, giving it thanks, and closing my eyes to enjoy it fully with deep breaths.
  4. Make sure you clean your juicer really well.

Note on citrus peels

“Yes, the rinds seem to be more nutrient dense than the flesh. Citrus peels are packed with immune-boosting vitamin C, bone-building calcium and anti-inflammatory, antioxidant bioflavonoids. They also provide potassium, which helps keep blood pressure in check, and limonene, a phytochemical that may have anti-cancer effects and can help with heart burn.

However, if you have low calcium levels or a history of calcium oxalate kidney stones, check with your doctor before zesting every day. Citrus peels contain oxalates, which interfere with your body’s calcium absorption.”

Other Juicing Ideas

I will mix ‘n match to create variety and depending on my medicinal needs. I adore: mint for refreshing my body, cilantro for chelation, raw turmeric root for immunity with ground black pepper pinch for assimilation, celery, cucumber, leafy greens like spinach & kale for minerals and protein, watermelon, all types of citrus for immunity C boost- tangerines, grapefruits, lemons, limes, minneola oranges, and regular oranges. Other ideas: basil, cayenne powder, tomato, sparkling water, and, well, you get the jist, follow your tastebuds!

Fresh wheatgrass is a super power house food with protein, chlorophyll, and well over a hundred vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants. Wheatgrass juice is highly regarded since it can single-handedly support the human body. It used in its living natural state, and it tastes best with citrus. Wheatgrass powder could be used alternatively, this brand, Terrasoul, is what I recommend.

Especially when I juice with turmeric root, I find that eating a little bit of oil, about 1 tablespoon of hemp, flax, MCT coconut oil, coconut butter, or ghee, is very helpful in assimilating the nutrients and boosting the juice with some protein and omegas. Including black pepper with turmeric in general is also advised for higher absorption of curcumin’s extensive benefits. MCT coconut oil has profounds antiviral properties, along with a long list of benefits against bad bacteria, pneumonia, and offering better protection from infections, read more in Dr. Axe’s article.

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Health Benefits

Juicing with raw ginger has gastrointestinal benefits, which are great for nausea, pregnant ladies, or post chemo medications. Juicing helps us to achieve our veg/fruit daily targets needed, while absorbing more nutrients efficiently. You can also make your own variety with your favorite veggies ‘n fruits, switching day by day to create diversity in your diet. Juicing is raw so we absorb more micronutrients not destroyed by cooking and processing foods. Learn more about juicing benefits in Dr. Mercola’s website.

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