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Thank you for visiting! My name is Marcela, I live in Northern California, nestled in the Sierra Foothills oak & pine canopy, a magical little ecosystem, next to the world- famous for rafting American River, with the backdrop of snowy Sierra peaks. Out here in the country, my husband & I share life moments in a peaceful ranch with lovely friends, our gorgeous doggie Pixie, chickens, & our garden. We wake up with song birds, delight on observing the marked seasons, & enjoy learning from nature.

This website is about my passions & pursuits in healing, wellness, & healthy nourishment for our body-mind-spirits. I am honored to have you join me in this mission to create community & intel for happy & healthy living for us all. My purpose is to serve & make every day full of more love, patience, & harmony through the mystery & chaos that life sometimes is.

Love is the creative force, unifying truth of the universe. By filling ourselves with self-loving practices & the cosmic frequency of Love, we create a life grounded in Self-Love &, thus, True Love. This amplified existence with overflowing bliss cascades unimpeded into our holy wholeness. Radiant health, higher quality of presence, & the diaspora of harmonic vibrations from upper dimensions are just a few side-effects. When we inhabit this space, there is nothing we cannot do, we know who we truly are, we purify our filters from fear & its illusions, empathic consciousness is our nature, & planetary healing is undoubtedly a natural, organic priority.

You are welcome to contact me with any questions or comments. Help yourself to this medicine made with Love & for You!

“There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly” ~Buckminster Fuller


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“Reminding one another of the dream that each of us aspire to may be enough for us to set each other free.”

Antoine De Saint-Exupery

I am a passionista about manifesting our dreams, helping one another, & embodying True Love. Nature supports us with its symbolic metaphors reflected in the caterpillar to butterfly theme or in the lotus rising from thick gunk. These transformations in all levels are also offered to us.

It opens my heart to be at service to you. Thank you for walking on this path with me as we all guide each other home, within, wherein our truest freedom lies. I am grateful for your presence. Together we have it all!

This website is dedicated to Mother Earth, my family, and you, who read this and I write for.

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I Support You- Elderberry Lavender Turmeric Tonic For The Soul

Photo by Jer Chung on Pexels.com

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” May you be blessed with health, gratitude, and hope as much as possible as we navigate this mystery, the often discomfort, and the waves of all emotions. I understand you! These small gestures of self-care,…”

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You Are Magnificent- Cumin Seed N Curry Yam N Parsnip Baked Fries

Thank you for your presence, these blogs and recipes are made for YOU, thank you for following them, liking them, giving these recipes a try, commenting below your results, and well, being on this journey with me!

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We Are Wild- Roasted Cumin Seed Maple BBQ Sauce

Perhaps you are reading this because you are barbequing or instapotting your meat and you need a BBQ sauce that is different. Or you are seeking a dressing or dip that will spark up your dish!…

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I Am Genius- Juicing Pulp Almond Chocolate Torte

My raw vegan episodes have taught me so much about the power of imagination to create explosive flavors. In this recipe, I offer one modality for reusing your carrot post juicing pulp…” 

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I Am Purying- Fruit Veggie Juicing Elixirs

If you drink enough juice, it tastes like Love! Healthy living is a lifestyle that places our moment to moment choices into a mindfulness practice. Juice and smoothy bars are sprouting globally”…

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Extremely Chocolate Donuts

A balanced diet is chocolate in both hands. Who doesn’t love donuts? At home we always have space for a sweet treat, and donuts are some of our favorite foods. I always wanted to craft a healthy donut”… 

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Why Yoga?

Photo by Lucas Pezeta on Pexels.com

Yoga is an ancient technology that is one of India’s biggest gifts to the world, and we are so privileged to receive its teachings passed on by seers, enlightened beings, seekers, and healers. Now more than ever, during our critical environmental crisis within and planetarily, these spiritually-connective downloads”…

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Recipe Blogs In The Making

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Dear reader, I highly encourage you to sign up to my Blog. Here is why:

  • You will never-ever miss a unique recipe, which will then be cosmically ‘n lovingly zoomed with love through the ethers to your basket inbox, freshly squeezed from my kitchen with pure goodness!
  • These recipes will be written in tune with seasonal produce availability and Ayurvedic timeliness for medicinal purposes in tune with the seasons, thus increasing your wellness potential.
  • We form an online community with others world-wide, sharing ideas and creating a very necessary healthy fort during years ahead.
  • You will be the first to receive updates, early bird sign ups, and discounts to “The Paleo Yogini” cookbook in the making.
  • Beyond recipes, my blogs are my healing and awakening consciousness articles that support us in expanding our possibilities and enjoying life more sweetly with healthy core routines and knowledge for self-confidence.

Here is what is sizzling in my printing-publishing list so that you get excited ‘n see it is worth it to sign up:

  • How to create opportunity, joy, confidence, and preparedness during a time of crisis and uncertainty
  • Vegan gingerbread apricot & goji berry Granola
  • Ground meat home-made, hand-rolled oven baked apple ‘n fennel Sausages
  • Poblano, ahaheim, ‘n jalapeno Roasted Peppers stuffed with apricot, shredded chicken, served with a jalapeno, roasted pepper cashew creme sauce
  • Easy instapot chicken veg tortilla Soup
  • Creamy vegan-veg-paleo cauliflower leek Soup
  • Red velvet Torte with berries
  • Raw vegan German chocolate Cake
  • Bone Broth, so darn easy to make. It is the Paleo miso soup!
  • Easy stove top or oven baked Shakshuka -Israeli egg dish- over stewed tomatoes
  • Easy instapot beef BBQ Ribs with my famous cumin seed maple BBQ Sauce
  • Salmon & pork rinds avocado Nori Roll topped with fiery mango salsa
  • Cassava flour Street Tacos– the real deal made Paleo!
  • Capuccino and matcha creme Truffles
  • Make your own Ghee
  • Learn to heal with Turmeric Goji Berry Tea

…AND … Well, you get the idea!! Truly worth it for the epicurean, curious, adventurous, & open mind!

Eventually all these gorgeous, flavorsome creations will be published in the highly anticipated, The Paleo Yogini Cookbook, which will also exhibit a cornucopia of my stashed, precious recipes that want to dance in magic with you!

I create this magical spells book to share my imagination and passions, to pass the love forward in elevating our consciousness and happiness through medicinal, vibrant food made with love from your own hands. We can dance, love wildly on our counters, pray and howl our dreams through our food and its making with enchantment!

Cooking is Love!

The Paleo Yogini recipes!


Please consult with your medical practitioner to assure yoga/reiki/my recipes are appropriate for you. At no point is yoga/reiki/my recipes a replacement for your medical protocols, please be sure to continue your treatment plans as prescribed by your medical doctors. The meditations, practices, techniques, and everything shared on True Love Healings are not intended to be used as an alternative or substitute for professional medical treatment and care. Nothing in this work is intended as medical advice in any way. No one should add, alter, or change medication, treatment, or doctors based on anything in this work under any circumstances. Yoga/reiki/my website blogs/my recipes do not attempt to give any medical diagnosis, treatment, prescriptions, promises of any outcome, or remedial recommendations in relation to any human disease, ailment, suffering, or physical or mental condition whatsoever. These practices are taken at the risk entirely of the student/receiver/client.